Parenting Greenhouse

Nurturing Nature


A greenhouse is a safe place, a protected bubble where humans nurture nature, and also learn about nature. It’s a beautiful win*win scenario – the plants offer a need and the human gets to learn in the process of meeting it. Together in synchronicity they thrive.

Similarly Parenting Greenhouse is a safe space where one comes to learn how to tend, grow and cultivate their own needs, & wisdom within, in order to be in synchronicity with them selves and feel connected. When we learn to connect with our own needs and meet them, we thrive and in turn every relationship changes, whether it is with our children, partners, friends and others.

Parenting Greenhouse is here to help guide you as a Conscious Living Coach as you build your own greenhouse around your life and learn to cultivate and tend to your unique needs.

Who is behind Parenting Greenhouse?

A gardener of her own life, an endless optimist, a passionate being who isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and dig, and dig and dig some more in order to find answers about life’s unknowns.

Trust what is, life’s beauty is in the unknown!
– Ana P.

About me photo

Hi I am Ana. When I became pregnant with my son Magnus, my life changed. Some changes were in the blink of an eye, the moment I saw that little pink plus sign. More changes rolled in over the coming months and years. Physical changes, emotional changes, psychological changes… I was experiencing a full on paradigm shift. Some were pretty straightforward and others pushed for deep reflection, and some continue to be discovered to this day. To understand what was happening, I started reading all the books, signed up for some courses, therapy and coaching sessions, more therapy, more coaching but most importantly I started to hear, pay attention and trust that little voice inside we also like to call intuition, our greatest power and inner guide. 


Life is to be experienced, not fought against, run from, or engaged halfheartedly. Though we may wish to make changes in the future, to be conscious is to be with an experience as it’s unfolding, rather than thinking about how we would like to change it. 
– Dr. Shefali

Parenting Greenhouse started to take form in 2015 after I realized how important all this work on the self is and what an amazing opportunity we have to break the patterns that no longer serve us. In order to grow and change we need to be brave and step forward in our own lives with intention. This is the greatest gift we can offer our children; we can free them from our projections and needs so they can grow and develop into who it is they truly are.

There were many phases and growth to Parenting Greenhouse, each brought me a wealth of knowledge that I use to guide my clients in every stage from pregnancy to labor support, childbirth education, parenting education, all the way to organizing and designing their nest.


Our children need to know that the quality of their inner life will manifest in their external circumstances.
― Dr. Shefali

Today I focus on Conscious Living, as a Certified Conscious Parenting Method™ Coach trained by Dr. Shefali and as a Certified Consultant in the KonMari™ Method trained by Marie Kondo. 

If there is one word to describe me it would be JOY. I am an endless optimist in search of harmony and the beauty of life. I would be honored to help guide you in finding JOY in your life.


Every relationship is a mirror into how we have yet to grow.
– Dr. Shefali 

What My Clients Say


Ana, thank you doesn’t quite feel adequate to sum up how I feel about your support for us! I am so overwhelmed with gratitude and love. Your ability to step into anticipation, excitement, difficulty and joy is unbelievable. I will never forget how empowered I felt throughout this experience. Thank you for facing pain with me in the kindest and most gentle way. Thank you for helping me find my own inner strength! Blessings as you continue to usher in life & goodness.



Ana strikes a wonderful balance of practicality and flexibility, and she is knowledgeable and helpful. She also brings the personal experience of having her own child. Ana is tender, caring, supportive–what you want in a birth coach; someone who can support you to make important decisions during labor and delivery, not someone who will make those decisions on your behalf. Finally, Ana is also an excellent photographer and took beautiful photos of the birth experience for our keepsake memories. She did this in a non-intruding way, and I’m so glad we had her capture the memories!



We were so pleased to work with Ana, she was a calm presence, listening, offering perspective, and ever supportive, as we prepared for the birth. She was somehow unobtrusive but ever present in the delivery, knowing just when to coach or be quiet.  I was grateful to be able to achieve the unmedicated delivery I’d hoped for thanks to the support of Ana and my husband. She is fabulous at what she does and would be a great resource for anyone looking for support.



How high can you rate a doula? Five stars? Ten? A hundred? Two thumbs in the clouds?  We found our ideal doula in Ana. She helped us throughout our journey. We utilized her warm, organized and minimalist design sense in helping us ready our home and baby room. Her prenatal visits prepared and de-stressed us, and dispelled many of our boundless fears. We felt completely in good hands.  Her gentle, non-judgmental, present, aware, endlessly optimistic, super-knowledgeable demeanor led to a fantastic, perfect birthing experience.  Our doctor later said that he was super impressed with our birthing team (Caroline, Ana and myself), and Ana specifically. He said he has worked with other birthing support folks and that Ana is a superlative. I agree. As a confused, somewhat clueless father-to-be, without Ana I would’ve been running ragged and blindly. She modeled and supported me throughout. She is amazing.  We also got the photo package, which I recommend. Her documentary-style photographs truly captured this once-in-a-lifetime experience in an honest, beautiful, non-tacky way. I am a semi-professional photographer myself and I was impressed.



We are forever greatful for Ana!  She absolutely helped ease us into parenthood with her wonderful advice and support. Ana was available day or night via email when she was not at our home to answer any questions we had.  She is completely devoted to her clients.  A personable and caring family whisperer! We are very lucky to have met her.



I feel it is inadequate to use words to express how wonderful she was for our family, as so much of what is amazing about her is her energy and the feeling she brings by being in your home at such an important moment of your life. She is grounded, comforting, knowledgeable, intelligent, funny and warm and having her on your new parent team makes everything truly feel manageable.  Ana’s services were a new baby gift from my family, and I still tell them that I cannot imagine a better gift



Ana is an absolute pro at what she does and she is extremely personable and caring. We would recommend her to all of our friends and family in a second!!!


✨Ana✨ e un inger resursa pentru Sibiul nostru. Ea are infinit de multe daruri, fiind o gradinareasa curajoasa in a patrunde adang in intunecimile sufletului.
Multumim Ana, pentru insotirile cu prezenta, iubire si autenticitate.
Multumesc pentru cele mai intense conversatii in expulzie, multumesc pentru anestezia bratelor tale, multumesc pentru fotografiile din primele momente de viata ale lui Norikk.
Multumesc pentru prietenia dintre noi!